Concrete Grinding & Sealing

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We’re experts in concrete grinding and sealing.

What starts off as an old, battered uneven concrete floor ends up the beautiful retro, sealed flooring that they now have in the best of Melbourne’s cafes and show rooms. In fact, look at the floor you’re standing on now.

If it looks good, it could be one of ours.

Want to add a room in the garage that hasn’t seen a car for the last 20 years?

Call us and we’ll come and give you a quote.

We can bring it up to look like new without having to spend up on expensive coverings.

While you’re at work doing what you’re good at, we’ll be doing what we’re good at.

By the time you get home you’ll have a new room ready for a home office, kitchen or family room you can be proud of.

If it’s a cafe or show room we can bring it up like a treat.

Your customers will think the floor is new.

No job is too hard. We’ve seen and done them all.

Please Call 0415 550 543 for an Obligation Free Quote

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