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Why Choose A Timber Floor?

Alltech Floors we install timber floors, Parquetry, engineered / floating floors and Laminate /bamboo planks.

When it comes time to decide which floor will suite your needs most, you should consider what your specific room will be used for, what subfloor or existing floor you have right now, and which designs and cost range is most suitable to you.

A successful timber installation is more than just choosing timber, laminate, engineering or bamboo, you have to also understand the colour, grade and specie of your choice. At Alltech Floors, we make it our priority to ensure our customers are thoroughly informed about the type of wood they are choosing. Ensuring that you choose a well manufactured product is our priority

When you choose timber flooring, you are not only selecting a beautifully individual floor made from a renewal resource, you also making a positive impact on climate change.

What type of home do I live in?

You have to know what your subfloor is made of in order to understand what options are available to you; either wood or concrete, a house or a condo – special installation is needed to be done to have a quality product.

What style of decor am I looking for?

If you already have flooring in your room and don’t like the shade, we can refinish your floor to look like new.

If you’re looking to make a certain ambience, this will influence your choice of the type of wood you want by specie, grade, colour and finish.

What rooms are you planning to floor?

Make sure to understand the type of your room by making sketches of where you want the flooring to be installed. Indicate such areas as stairways and closets and find out what kind of subfloor you have and in what direction the joists run.

Alltech Floors we provide free in-home estimates, and deliver high-quality services that are backed up by 16 years in the business.

We’ve turned quoting and estimating the time it will take into an art form.

We have a reputation for coming when we say we’re going to come, staying until we finish the job, cleaning up after ourselves and delivering flooring on time and within budget. Our aim is to minimize the amount of inconvenience and disruption to your home or your business while we’re completing your job.

We’ve got the equipment to get in, do the job and get out; leaving you with a quality installation you can be proud of.

Alltech Floors is fully licensed and insured and will provide certificates of insurance on request. We guarantee our work because we want you to be happy and satisfied with the job we do. We have many long-term clients in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs who stick with us because we do what we promise, on budget and on time.

Our membership of the Australian Flooring Association is your guarantee of quality and service.

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